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Upgrade Your Client
Empower your employees and boost productivity with client upgrades from HP and Microsoft

At PCRx, we can help you take advantage of innovations in connectivity, usability, security and performance available in today’s client environment. We think that you can increase employee productivity, improve your IT environment and enhance security, all by upgrading your clients to the latest Microsoft® client environment and HP business desktops, notebooks and workstations.

Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 on HP business notebooks, desktops and workstations

HP and Microsoft have been working together to create innovative technologies that address the challenges of today’s business environment. Microsoft Office® 2007 and Windows® Vista® create a powerful new platform for doing business, helping your employees work more efficiently and effectively. HP business notebooks, desktops and workstations put the power of innovation in your employees’ hands with enhanced security, ease of use and connectivity.

Why use HP business notebooks, desktops and workstations for your Microsoft client environment? HP engineers worked closely with Microsoft on the launch of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system and Office 2007. Using the Microsoft software on HP business PCs helps you:

  • Protect your data and your business – encrypt the data on mobile systems, secure the client, isolate infected systems and reduce the risk of data loss with Microsoft Windows Vista Business on HP desktop, notebook and workstations
  • Simplify how people work together – share documents and collaborate more securely; support the mobile professional with extensive connectivity and enhanced security; and stay in synch between laptop, desktop and mobile devices with Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Reduce IT costs complexity – automated hardware discovery, remote system healing, and remote installation and updates are just some of the ways that HP hardware helps you improve the IT environment.

Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2007 gives your business powerful tools for creating, managing, analyzing and sharing information. New tools help you save time, stay organized and deliver better customer service. Manage prospect and customer information in one place, and develop professional-looking marketing materials for print, e-mail and the web. Improved menus present the right tools automatically, so you can spend less time learning new features.

HP business desktops
HP business desktops offer you a cost-effective solution for outstanding manageability and security.

  • 7000 series desktop PCs – robust set of security and
    manageability tools with impressive performance.
  • 5000 series desktop PCs – balanced solution with
    enhanced performance and power efficiency.
  • 2000 series desktop PCs – essential computing features
    with award-winning support.

HP business notebook PCs
HP business notebooks and EliteBooks combine mobility and efficient productivity to drive agility.

  • W series – ideal for engineers and designers who need
    the power of a workstation, delivering high-end
    graphics and processing.
  • P series – best option for highly mobile users who require
    simplicity, reliability and broadband wireless in a
    notebook. Built tough to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • B series – perfect notebook for occasional travelers who
    value mobility, docking and other desk-based features.
  • S series – cost-effective choice for users who require
    only essential features.

HP business workstations
HP workstations combine advanced performance and expandability with affordability.

  • HP xw9400 series workstations – advanced performance
    for massive compute and visual capacity
  • HP xw8600 series workstations – uniquely versatile,
    providing expandability in a space-efficient chassis
  • HP xw4550 series workstations – desktop affordability with
    the performance of a workstation.


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PCRx offers powerful solutions combining exceptional technology from Microsoft and HP together with our local support and business savvy. Your risk-free assessment will be conducted on-site and at your convenience. We can help you protect your data, simplify how your employees work together and help reduce your IT costs and complexity.

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