HP Designjet Printers
We offer the full-line of Hewlett-Packard Designjet printers.  On this page is a portion of our Designjet
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HP Designjet Z6100
When it comes to speed, quality, and consistency, this HP large-format                                                                                                                   Designjet is hard to beat —with over 1,000 ft² of output per hour,  outstanding quality with HP Vivera inks, and breakthrough consistency with an embedded spectrophotometer.

Print speed Fast: 720 ft2/hr (66.9 m2/hr), 42 sec/page on D/A1 (on coated media); 252 ft2/hr (23.4 m2/hr), 2.1 min/page on D/A1 (on glossy media)
Print speed Best: 147 ft2/hr (13.7 m2/hr), 3.3 min/page on D/A1 (on coated media); 98 ft2/hr (9.1 m2/hr), 5 min/page on D/A1 (on glossy media)
Resolution: Up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi and 1200 x 1200 input dpi with Optimization For Photo Paper selected
Line accuracy: plus/minus 0.1 percent
Memory (std/max): 256 MB/ 512 MB
Connectivity, std.: 1 EIO slot, Gigabit Ethernet
Operating system: Windows® NT 4.0; Windows® NT 4.0 Server; Windows® 98 SE; Windows® 2000; Windows® Me; Windows® XP Home; Windows® XP Professional; Windows® Server 2003; Windows Vista™ Ready; Mac OS X v 10.2.8; Mac OS 10.3; Mac OS X v 10.4
Standard paper handling accessories: Roll feed

    The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Pricing on the Z6100 is:
                                                                                                     42" models . . .  $9,995.00
                                                                                                     60" models . . .  $16,295.00

    The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Pricing on the Z6100ps is:
                                                                                                     42" models . . . $16,000.00
                                                                                                     60" models . . . $18,995.00

HP Designjet 4500

Model size: 42 inch
Print speed: Up to 100 A1/D pages per hour (mechanical printing time), 93 m/2hr, 1000 ft/2hr (multi-copy printing) Printed in Fast mode on HP Bright inkjet bond paper
Resolution: Up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi from 1200 x 1200 dpi input on glossy media (HP Color Layering technology, HP PhotoREt III)
Line accuracy: plus/minus 0.1
Media types: Paper (plain, inkjet, coated, heavyweight coated, super heavyweight coated, semi-gloss, glossy, translucent bond, natural tracing, photo, vellum), film.
Memory (std/max): 256 MB (Upgradeable to 512 MB) / 512 MB
Network-ready: Yes, standard
Optional paper-handling accessories: Optional stacker

HP Designjet 4500 suggested Retail Pricing:
                                                                      Designjet 4500:  $10,995.00
                                                                      Designjet 4500ps:  $13,495.00
                                                                      Designjet 4500mfp:  $29,995.00

HP Designjet Z3200


Model size:44 in
Print area/hr, max width, Draft mode, coated:182.9 ft2/hr
Print area/hr, max width, Normal mode, coated:92.4 ft2/hr
Mechanical print time, US D color image, Best mode, glossy:12.4 min/page
Mechanical print time, US D color image, Normal mode, glossy:7.2 min/page
Mechanical print time, US D color image, Normal mode, coated:3.8 min/page
Mechanical print time, US D color image, Draft mode, coated:2 min/page
Line accuracy:+/- 0.2%
Color accuracy:Median < 1.6 dE2000, 95% of colors < 2.8 dE2000
Minimum line width:0.0022 in
Maximum black optical density:2.5 maximum black optical density (4 L* min) with HP Premium Instant Dry Photo Gloss media
Short term color stability:< 1 dE2000 in less than 5 minutes
Long term print-to-print repeatability:With HP premium instant-dry photo Satin media, right after calibration

HP Designjet Z3200 Suggested Retail Pricing:
                                                                        Designjet Z3200 24":  $3,395.00
                                                                        Designjet Z3200 42":  $5,595.00

HP Designjet Z3200ps Suggested Retail Pricing:
                                                                             Designjet Z3200ps 24":  $4,695.00
                                                                             Designjet Z3200ps 42":  $6,795.00

HP Designjet 510

Affordable, professional printing for technical and graphics use
The 24-inch model is shown with optional printer stand and media bin.
Series standard --
Print speed (normal mode): 36 sq ft/hr
Print color: Yes
Print quality: 1200 x 600 dpi
Media handling: Single sheet feed, roll feed, automatic cutter
Network–ready: Optional
Memory (std/max): 16 MB/160 MB

HP Designjet 510 Suggested Retail Pricing:
                                                                    HP Designjet 510 24":  $2,095.00
                                                                    HP Designjet 510 42":  $3,195.00

HP Designjet 130

The versatile, budget-friendly multi-format printer that prints on a wide range of media sizes.
Series standard --
Print color: Yes
Print quality (color): 2400 x 1200 dpi
Print speed, (black/color): B-size: up to 4 min/page (Normal, glossy); B-size: up to 6 min/page (Best, glossy); D-size: up to 11.9 min/page (Normal, glossy); D-size: up to 17.5 min/page (Best, glossy
Media sizes: Letter, legal, tabloid, C, D, C+, D+, envelopes, banners
Paper trays: 1/1
Input capacity (std/max): 100/100
Output capacity (std/max): 50/50
Memory (std/max): 64 MB/64 MB

HP Designjet 130 Suggested Retail Pricing:
                                                                    HP Designjet 130:  $1,295.00
                                                                    HP Designjet 130nr:  $1,495.00