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Welcome to  PCRxâ Online!


Your Computer and Printer Repair Experts for Southern West Virginia and Southwestern Virginia

                                              Serving the two Bluefields since 1998

                    PCRxâ is an acronym for Printer and Computer Repair Express.  We take pride in
                    repairing both computers and printers in a quick and efficient manner.
                    PCRxâ can provide you with a complete line of PC's, Workstations, or Servers
                    custom-built to your specifications.

                    We use only top of the line components in our custom-built systems, so you
                    can be assured of a quality product.

                    PCRxâ can provide you with a complete line of Hewlett-Packardâ printing and
                    digital imaging products.  We also service HPâ printers and all brands of PC.

                    Visit our Our Products and Services page, to view our line of high quality
                    hardware and software products and services.

                                                   PCRx and HP - A Great Team

                                               Targus International

Targus Free Shipping

HP and Microsoft Servers


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